Ric Flair Suing WWE Over "The Man" Trademark?

'The Nature Boy' threatens legal action over re-appropriated catchphrase.

Ric Flair Becky Lynch

Significant legal tension is brewing between WWE and Ric Flair, who has now declared war on the promotion for their continued use of "The Man" to market Becky Lynch.

Though the story originally broke last week, TMZ have posted a new writeup today, in which 'The Nature Boy' notes he has been calling himself 'The Man' since 1981 and still holds a trademark for his "to be the man, you gotta beat the man" catchphrase.

Flair told TMZ he tried to come to an amicable, private agreement in which WWE would pay him to allow Lynch to keep using her popular nickname. The company declined. Flair then escalated the situation with Triple H, and again, this failed, so he failed a trademark application for "The Man" (relating specifically to pro-wrestling activities) on 26 August.

While Flair claims to have no problem with Lynch herself, he says that the situation has caused a rift between him and WWE, and also one with daughter Charlotte. He notes that if he's granted the trademark, he'll let Becky keep using "The Man" as long as he gets paid: "I want it to take care of my family."

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