Roman Reigns Breaks Silence On Jimmy Uso's DUI Arrest

The WWE Universal Champion gives his honest and fair appraisal on Jimmy Uso's recent arrest.

Roman Reigns Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso was arrested on his second DUI charge in three years on 6 July, when a Pensacola, Florida police officer registered his blood alcohol content level at .202 and .205 in two failed sobriety tests, which is significantly above the state limit of .08.

Despite this, the 35-year-old faced no punishment from WWE. Uso was back on television in his storyline with brother Jey and cousin Roman Reigns later that week, his push unhindered. Six weeks later, Reigns has broken his silence on the situation.

Speaking to the New York Post's Joseph Staszewski, Reigns was compassionate but wouldn't condone Jimmy's "behaviour or decision-making", saying the arrest didn't shine a good light on their family or WWE. He did, however, call Uso for a "mental checkup" in the aftermath.


The WWE Universal Champion continued, sticking by a family member he wants to see learn and grow from his mistakes:-

“We’re all human, we’re all cynics, we all make mistakes. Instead of what some people might feel you should give up on somebody or maybe turn your back on that type of behavior, that’s one way to do it. But I don’t think that’s the way to push through and gain experience or make progressive movements of becoming a better man or a better human. So for me, it was diving into it with great attention, great love and very thorough communication to make sure my family is continually bettering themselves and putting themselves in a position to make better decisions.”

Jimmy and Jey Uso were crowned SmackDown Tag Team Champions 12 days after the former's arrest. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reported that WWE considered the Reigns/Usos story too important to adjust following the DUI, hence the lack of action on the promotion's behalf.


The Usos will defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against Rey and Dominik Mysterio at SummerSlam 2021 this Saturday (21 August), while Reigns puts the Universal Championship on the line against John Cena. Check out the full card here.

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