Vince McMahon Thinks WWE Is "Too Pro Wrestling"

The WWE Chairman doesn't sound thrilled with his massive talent roster.

Vince McMahon Daniel Bryan

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has come through with a significant critique on his current talent roster.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, when asked about the controversial Hell In A Cell pay-per-view main event and how Vince feels about his product, the big man insinuated that "some on the roster are 'too pro wrestling.'"

McMahon has always been quick to emphasise that he promotes a Sports Entertainment product, not a traditional professional wrestling show, so perhaps this shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Either way though, he's the one responsible for building, development, and sculpting those on his modern roster, so this is probably his own fault, right?

If Seth Rollins is "too pro wrestling" and not "Sports Entertainment" enough, doesn't the blame lie with the man on top? It'd actually be a valid criticism coming from anyone else but in this case, the buck stops with the Chairman.

Fightful's source also called the much-maligned Fiend/Rollins clash "an embarrassment," saying "this might be the worst WWE have ever insulted the fans' intelligence." Other sources believe that the finish to said match was nothing short of a "disaster."

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