What The WWE Locker Room REALLY Thinks Of Stephanie McMahon

How WWE wrestlers view Stephanie McMahon in her role as interim Chairwoman.

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon is currently an "adored" figure backstage in WWE.

Reporting on the backstage meeting held by the interim WWE Chairwoman, Triple H, and Nick Khan prior to Money In The Bank 2022 (2 July), Fightful Select noted that while all three executives are "generally well liked by talent", this is particularly true of McMahon. She enjoys outright adulation in the locker room.

Fightful had noted similar a few weeks ago, when Stephanie was installed into her new role following father Vince's decision to stand down following news that WWE's Board of Directors was investigating claims of $3 million in hush money payments tied to an alleged affair with a former employee. One talent the outlet spoke to at the time quipped that they'd "heard in theory Stephanie McMahon is my boss, and that f*cking rules."


Another was dubious of long-term change in the company, predicting that Vince would eventually return, but stated they loved Stephanie. Elsewhere, a female wrestler said that the investigation into Vince and Steph's ascension meant things could only get better in the company.

The WWE Board of Directors' investigation into Vince continues. Until then, Stephanie remains WWE's acting Chairwoman and CEO, completing a remarkable turnaround mere weeks after announcing a hiatus from the company (followed by reports that she may never return).

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