Why One More AEW Signing Would Cause A Wrestling Earthquake

If CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are already #AllElite, what huge secret might AEW still be keeping?

Daniel Bryan CM Punk AEW Done Deal

The news that both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were set to sign for All Elite Wrestling at some point in 2021 broke the brains of many that still couldn't fathom one or both things ever being remotely possible.

There are excellent pieces that are very much worth your time about the short and longterm ramifications of these particular arrivals, and as well there should be. Though there's nothing remotely underhanded about picking up two talents that aren't contractually attached to any major organisation, the potential quality both could inject into AEW's product makes all of this feel like some sort of insidious coup. A deal done in the shadows because it's one not permitted to exist in the light.

But it's not. Far from it, and what's more, this might not even be the end of Tony Khan's most recent spending spree. It certainly doesn't have to be, and one more prominent name on the dotted line could reflect the biggest reality yet that WWE aren't just facing competition from Jacksonville, but the prospect of being comfortably overhauled as the most-watched wrestling show in North America.

Is "earthquake" hyperbolic? Perhaps. But digging a little deeper finds a couple of WWE foundations that are less than solid...


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