WWE Brand Split 2016: 10 Wrestlers Who Must Stay In NXT

Not every big name is Raw or Smackdown-bound.

NXT has become a brand unto itself. While still technically operating as WWE’s developmental territory, the Orlando-based promotion has become so much more than a mere farm system, and regularly produces some of the most exciting professional wrestling in North America.

This has not gone unnoticed by Vince McMahon, and with recent reports suggesting that up to a dozen NXT talents could be pilfered in the forthcoming WWE Draft, it looks increasingly likely that Raw and Smackdown will soon be padded-out by some of NXT’s biggest, best, and brightest.

That said, NXT has become a genuine draw on the road, and a bonafide touring brand. There’s a clear need for WWE to protect it by maintaining a strong core roster to keep fan interest and continue producing the exciting in-ring product that NXT is known for.

Besides, some members of the NXT roster just aren’t ready for the bigger stage yet. NXT might be one of the most entertaining shows in wrestling, but it’s still a developmental system first and foremost. Wrestlers sign-on at the Performance Centre to work on their skills and bolster their chances of making it in WWE, and there are a number of NXT roster members who’d be better-off down in Florida for the time being.

Here are 10 wrestlers who must stay in NXT come Brand Split time...

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