WWE Launching Podcasting Network

WWE teaming with Endeavor Streaming on a podcasting network that will feature WWE stars.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, WWE is soon to venture into the world of podcasting.

THR broke the news, with WWE planning to launch its own podcast network in a partnership with Endeavor Audio. As it happens, Endeavor Streaming currently powers the WWE Network – meaning that the relationship between WWE and Endeavor is an existing one.

The early word on this podcast network is that it will consist of numerous podcast series that will directly involve WWE stars.


On this news, WWE Advance Media Executive Vice President Jayar Donlan enthused, “Storytelling is at WWE’s core and we are eager to add the audio genre to our portfolio. Partnering with Endeavor Audio, an expert in podcasting, will enable us to provide fans with unique content and reach new audiences across the platform.”

Given the amount of wrestling – or should that be sports entertainment? – podcasts out there, it seemed only a matter of time before WWE themselves branched out into that particular field. After all, if certain podcasts are bringing in money by talking about WWE, it only makes sense that WWE themselves would decide to venture into the market, too.


Specific details on the line-up of this podcast network will be revealed at a later date.

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