WWE Raw Gets Hardcore With Gritty New Look

Big aesthetic changes are coming to Raw's third hour.


Last night's WWE Raw saw Mick Foley return to the promotion not only to unveil the new 24/7 Championship, but also announce that Raw "needs to start getting raw again."

What did he mean by this? A handful of minor aesthetic changes, apparently.

As well as lowering the house lights, WWE darkened the Titantron and the ring's LED board, altering the colour scheme so that it was predominantly black rather than red. This was done to give Raw's third hour its own unique feel, and this looks set to continue going forward.


Per Fightful Select, WWE are attempting to spice things during Raw's much-maligned third act, with WWE claiming they wanted to make things "more Raw" when asked about the changes.

One of Fightful's backstage WWE sources called this another example of the company throwing something at the wall and hoping it sticks. It certainly reeks of this and a desperate attempt at halting the traditional ratings drop-off once Monday Night Raw hits hour three, though, in fairness, the show did look a little bit different following Foley's announcement.


Regardless, it'll take more than a fresh lick of paint to cure what ails this dying brand.

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