WWE Raw Review Podcast - Is Nia Jax DANGEROUS?

Another bad night for 'The Irresistible Force' on Raw...

Nia Jax Kairi Sane

Join Adam Wilbourn and Michael Sidgwick as they review this week's episode of Monday Night Raw!

Last night's episode of Raw was characterised by three things that have become synonymous with the red brand; screwy finishes, bad comedy, and Nia Jax injuring a fellow pro wrestler.

Numerous matches featured interference including the United States Championship match between Apollo Crews & Kevin Owens, and the WrestleMania re-match between Raw Women's champion Asuka & NXT Women's champion Charlotte Flair. The initially comedic segments between The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders have become 'WWE funny' with every joked telegraphed like John Cena was calling it mid-match. However, the most talked-about portion of Raw wasn't the attack on WWE champion Drew McIntyre as the show ended, or Rey Mysterio's son threatening Seth Rollins, but Nia Jax endangering the health of another performer.


'The Irresistible Force' has developed a reputation of being dangerous to work with since she transitioned to the main roster in mid-2016, but it has been exacerbated since her return from injury with further accidents that could have been easily avoided. Adam and Michael discuss her latest incident and what happens next, along with analysing all the action on Raw here...

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