WWE Replacing Stephanie McMahon Full-Time?

Nick Khan has been fulfilling many of Stephanie McMahon's duties during her WWE hiatus.

Stephanie McMahon WWE Draft 2020

People within WWE expect the promotion to recruit a new executive staff member to fulfil some of Stephanie McMahon's brand management duties.

This is according to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, who states that WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan had been liaising with a number of WWE's business partners since McMahon announced her indefinite leave of absence from the promotion last Thursday. Wrestlenomics' Brandon Thurston had previously reported that Khan would be assuming many of Stephanie's duties during her time away from WWE.

In this latest report, Johnson notes that those who have asked about McMahon's leave of absence have been told that she will be taking an extended period of time away from the promotion in order to focus on her family. Stephanie's husband, Triple H, suffered serious heart failure last summer and has only recently returned to work with the promotion - albeit in an altered role.


McMahon claimed that she was looking forward to eventually returning to WWE as its Chief Brand Officer when announcing her leave of absence.

Further details on this private matter between Stephanie and her family are understandably being kept close to the vest in WWE.

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