WWE Star Calls Himself World's Best Wrestler "By A Large Margin"

This current WWE star believes he is the absolute best wrestler in the world right now.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has described himself as the "best wrestler in the world".

The WWE Raw star, who recently set up another match vs. Seth Rollins for Hell In A Cell on 5 June, also added that he's the best "by a large margin". Cody told Sports Illustrated that he knows his words will "upset a lot of people".

He doesn't really care about that though.


Rhodes said he doesn't "mean to draw ire" by being so bullish about his in-ring skills. No, Cody simply believes that there's nobody better in the industry right now than himself. That, presumably, includes technical wizards like Bryan Danielson and top names like Roman Reigns.

There will be some kayfabe-ish bluff behind Cody's words - it's in his best interests to be high on himself following that AEW > WWE jump, but some fans will take exception to to just how highly Rhodes thinks of his work.


This "best in the world" speech has been spotted in several Cody interviews recently, but he added in the "by a large margin" bit during his chat with SI.

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