WWE Takes Further Digs At Sasha Banks And Naomi On Raw

Raw announcer Corey Graves took another swipe at Sasha Banks and Naomi.

Sasha Banks Naomi

WWE took yet another shot at Sasha Banks and Naomi on Monday's episode of Raw.

The company had announcer Corey Graves claim that the pair had "disappointed the WWE Universe" by walking out on the flagship last week. Graves was explaining how a match between Nikki A.S.H and Alexa Bliss had come about when he sent out the latest barb.

That's WWE's official party line on the situation - their original statement following the walkout criticised the then-Women's Tag-Team Champions for letting fans down by failing to appear as advertised on that evening's show.


Several fans and industry critics have pointed out that WWE (much like pretty much every pro wrestling promotion) changes things last-minute to suit anyway.

Corey's comments suggest that Vince McMahon plans to hitch his wagon to the idea that Banks and Naomi "disappointed" customers. Anyone following this controversy should expect that to be repeated over and over until the situation either blows over or the duo leave WWE behind.


Recent reports say it'll be a while before Sasha Banks, Naomi and WWE chiefs thrash out a decision on their respective futures in the promotion.

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