WWE Talent To Be Given More Time Off In 2020

WWE's new schedule will finally allow superstars to spend more time at home.

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In some good news for WWE talent, the company has decided to cut back on the number of live events that they run on a monthly basis.

The recent schedule has seen Raw and SmackDown stars wrestle at least four shows each and every week, with one of those being a TV taping and the rest being house shows. Then there’s obviously the WWE’s PPV calendar to take into account for certain talent.

Changing things up, the WWE schedule for February has Raw and SmackDown wrestlers only having to work a maximum of 10 shows for that month. And in amongst those shows, there are to be some live events that will be made up of talent from both brands – which of course means that this frees up other talent to take a day off or travel home early.


As WWE gears up for WrestleMania, March’s schedule has a maximum of 14 events for both Raw and SmackDown grapplers. And again, some of these events will be a crossover show featuring names from both brands.

Going forward, this seems like a brilliant, no-brainer of a strategy from WWE. By reducing the sheer number of appearances and matches for the promotion’s wrestlers, that clearly reduces the risk of injury, the risk of fatigue, and even the risk of overexposure – not to mention allowing WWE-contracted talent to spend more time with their families and friends.


With the FOX deal for SmackDown and the blood money-soaked paydays of their Saudi Arabia shows, WWE has never been in a better position financially. And it’s good to see that strong financial position trickling down to the talent in a way that affords them to have more time away from the squared circle.

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