Aaron Bower

West Yorkshire, United States

Freelance sports journalist from Bradford, West Yorkshire. Specialize in primarily Rugby League and Football.

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10 Problems With Booking John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar At WWE SummerSlam

WWE got themselves into this mess... now how do they get out of it?

1 Aug 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Famous WWE Matches That Actually Sucked

Ten of the most iconic WWE tussles that plain sucked when it came to the action inside the squared circle.

23 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Former WWE Stars Who Deserve Another Shot

Superstars WWE gave up on way too easily.

21 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Sting

The mysterious enigma has finally found his way to WWE.

16 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Most Extreme WWE Risk Takers This Century

From 2000 onwards, which stars have put their bodies on the line in crazy situations for our entertainment?

16 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 WWE Backstage Friendships That Paid Off For Huge Career Pushes

Brutus Beefcake actually semi-main evented a WrestleMania. And it's all thanks to Hogan...

14 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Superstars Who Never Should’ve Returned To WWE

Returns that prove the old adage; you should never go back.

11 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Most Notorious Long Bans In Football History

Sometimes the bad boys get the book thrown at them hard.

8 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Were Related

Some were acknowledged by the WWE in storylines, some weren't...

3 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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15 Most Notorious WWE Wrestlemania Urban Legends

Did Roddy Piper really tape up his gloves to protect Mr T at WrestleMania?

1 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Most Controversial WWE "Wellness Policy" Scandals

Those wellness policy failures that caused Vince McMahon a chair-shot inducing headache.

1 Jul 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Stars With More WWE Title Reigns Than They Deserve

WWE's unique philosophy on regular title changes means that all across the card, there are people who have accumulated a vast array of gold.

29 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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9 Hot Angles We Could See From WWE Money In The Bank 2014

This Sunday we could be in for something special.

27 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Reasons WWE Will Extend CM Punk's Contract

We aren't fully convinced WWE will release the controversial superstar next month.

26 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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WWE: 10 Reasons Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement Is Dead

It's all been downhill since WrestleMania...

25 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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WWE: 10 Things That Must Happen At Money In The Bank

There's only one logical choice to be the next WWE Champion.

21 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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7 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Should Be Next WWE Champion

29-year-old has everything stacked in his favour when it comes to the WWE handpicking their next champion.

18 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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10 Biggest Stars Of The 2014 FIFA World Cup (So Far)

Who's lit up the grandest stage in the world in the first week?

18 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower

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8 Most Overrated Teams At World Cup 2014

Sorry Italy, you've got no chance.

5 Jun 2014 Aaron Bower