Percival Constantine

Kagoshima, Japan

When Percival Constantine isn't writing about his obsessions with comics, TV, and film, he's the author of several action books and short stories for Nifty Entertainment, Pro Se Productions, and has also done comics work for Airship 27, PulpWork Press, AC Comics, and Black Glass Press. Percival also co-hosts The Geek Screen podcast. He currently resides in Japan, working as a literature and writing instructor.

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10 Times Captain America Got Very Political

Fox thinks Cap only got political with the new title. They couldn't be more wrong.

5 Nov 2015 Percival Constantine

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James Bond: 8 Movies You Need To See To Understand Spectre

Brush up on the organisation before the film's release.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: 10 Essential New Features It Needs

If Square Enix is going to try to improve a classic, here's some things to keep in mind.

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9 Reasons Fantastic Four Is A Fantastic Fail

The bar was already low, but Fox somehow still managed to screw up even worse than before.

17 Aug 2015 Percival Constantine

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10 Ways To Make A Superman Video Game That Won't Suck

It worked for Batman...

25 Jul 2015 Percival Constantine

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Batman: Arkham Knight - 15 Skins That Must Be Included

How to make that pricey Season Pass worth it.

9 May 2015 Percival Constantine

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Daredevil: 10 Characters Who Must Appear In Season 2

It's time to roll out the big guns.

26 Apr 2015 Percival Constantine

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Daredevil Review

Billy clubs all other TV superheroes into submission.

23 Apr 2015 Percival Constantine

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10 Ideas For Agents Of Shield Spin-Off

The spin-off announcement has fans wondering what the new show could be.

17 Apr 2015 Percival Constantine

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Ant-Man: 10 Ways It Can Link To The Avengers

Small hero, big implications...

6 Feb 2015 Percival Constantine

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10 Ways To Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Not Suck

How to improve on the worst movie of 2014...

3 Jan 2015 Percival Constantine

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10 Avengers: Age Of Ultron Surprises That Could Happen

May 1st, 2015 can't come quick enough!

23 Dec 2014 Percival Constantine

film Death Of Captain America 43k views

10 Marvel Comic Storylines That Need To Be Put On Film

Now that Civil War has been confirmed, what other storylines should Marvel bring to the big screen?

31 Oct 2014 Percival Constantine

film Marvel 74k views

Avengers 2: 10 Things You Need To Know About New Characters

Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Baron Strucker, and Ultron himself. Here's what you need to know.

24 Oct 2014 Percival Constantine

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Top 10 Avengers By Appearances

Out of the hundred-plus characters who have assembled, who are the most consistent?

12 Oct 2014 Percival Constantine

film Sony Pictures 56k views

10 Most Embarrassing Supervillain Film Costumes

Some comic book movies need to put in a bit more effort when it comes to designing the costumes of supervillains.

22 Sep 2014 Percival Constantine

10 Changes That Totally Ruined Comic Book Characters

In order to boost sales and keep characters relevant, changes have to be made. But not all of them are a good idea.

12 Sep 2014 Percival Constantine

film Marvel Studios 37k views

7 Reasons Why Disney Owning All Marvel Film Franchises Is A Bad Idea

Fans hope Marvel will regain their biggest properties, but maybe it’s better they don’t.

4 Sep 2014 Percival Constantine

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10 Best Superhero Bromances

What are friends for? Take a gander at the best bromances from Marvel and DC!

9 Aug 2014 Percival Constantine

film Marvel Comics 17k views

10 Spider-Man Characters Who Could Headline The Female Spin-Off Movie

Sony has announced a Spidey spin-off featuring a female lead, and we've got some theories.

8 Aug 2014 Percival Constantine