10 Great Developer Jokes Hidden In Video Games

Many times I have found myself loving video games more than movies. Somehow a well-written video game can trump a…

Michael Thompson


Many times I have found myself loving video games more than movies. Somehow a well-written video game can trump a film because the game developers have all the time they need to grow the characters and give depth to the story. Even when the purpose of the game is not the story, but simply to shoot as many enemies as possible, a fantastic premise will never be forgotten.

When I was young I practically dedicated my life to video games. Do that long enough and you’ll also realize that video game developers take quite a few liberties and actually get away with a lot where other platforms of entertainment can’t. It is apparent that with all the hard computer programming work they also like to have a bit of fun such as including subtle or not so subtle references to other games and movies if a player takes the time to look hard enough. Obviously they are fans of popular culture.

Although it is unneeded, these “Easter Eggs” in games can be little moments that truly hook the audience. They can also be jokes played for or against the player’s benefit. What follows are ten of these gags that I have ran into while playing games and found to be a funny. I regret to say that I haven’t played nearly as many video games as would have liked in my lifetime. If you know of any jokes that didn’t make it on this list please feel free to share.



10. Star Wars References In Skyrim


Just to be clear, like WoW, there are a ton of references in Skyrim. When you are creating an open-ended world with that much detail to fill, it’s only natural that one or two unserious moments will make it into the game. For the creators of massive RPGs it’s probably even a contest, who can fit in the most clever references to other things we all like.

Okay, maybe not, but they certainly don’t miss any opportunities. While playing Skyrim you can go to a cavern called Bleakcoast. Inside you will find a hapless skeleton that has been hung upside down from the ceiling with a sword lying on the ground. You can find a similar skeleton in a cave on Bloodmoon. These are both references to Luke Skywalker hanging upside down in the wampa’s cave in The Empire Strikes Back.