10 Coolest Video Game Features (That Are Utterly Pointless) - Commenter Edition

Rockstar do it again.

red dead redemption 2 NPCs

As we explored in our first list of very cool video game features that are admittedly totally pointless, just because a video game feature doesn’t add much to the experience, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth writing home about.

In fact this became so apparent that you guys had plenty of suggestions of your own to add in the comments so we’re revisiting the topic with a list made up of your favourite minor video game tidbits.

Whether it’s a further iteration on the idea of a ‘fun button’, dedicated to nothing other than letting you do a sick flourish with your weapon, or a delightful animation or sound effect, none of these games would have been any worse without these additions but we’re certainly happy these games decided to include them anyway.


10. Water Boils From Fire Magic - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

elder scrolls 5 skyrim

Skyrim is just the game that keeps on giving when it comes to cool little details that won’t impact your enjoyment of the game at all but are extremely fun to discover. This is a really odd one because why you’d ever try to cast fire magic at a body of water, I don’t know, but thankfully somebody did because we discovered water boils from fire magic.

If you pay admittedly very close attention while casting a fire spell into water you’ll see little bubbles appear.

This is an insanely thought-out inclusion from the developers that no one would have insisted upon or expected but very welcome. Could we nitpick and wonder why the water is boiling instantly? Sure. But this game has dragons and magic in it so we won’t.


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