10 Video Game Secret Endings That Weren't Worth It

200 quests for a cutscene? Pass.

Nier replicant ending e
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There's always something thrilling about discovering that the game you're playing has a secret ending. It's a nice reward for those who put in extra effort to get 100% completion on their save file or for those who were simply inquisitive enough to look for alternative ways to play.

Getting a secret ending is supposed to be difficult and not easily accessible by everyone. However, sometimes the challenge is so great that it completely undermines the payoff.

It especially hurts when the ending itself is rather underwhelming, and you realize that all of those sacrifices you had to make along the way didn't really amount to anything special.

Sometimes it's just better to stick to the conventional way of finishing the game, as going the extra mile isn't really worth the effort. That way, you can spare yourself hours of frustration that will only end in even more anger and disappointment.

If you ever considered reaching these ends, don't bother. It'll probably be more satisfying to just look them up online, anyway. And in case it wasn't obvious already, there will be spoilers ahead!

10. Precursor Door Ending - Jak And Daxter

Nier replicant ending e

Like many other platformers of its time, Jak and Daxter had special collectible items called power cells that the player had to obtain in order to progress through the game.

There were a total of 100 power cells to find, and while you only needed 76 in order to finish the game, collecting all of them would unlock a special secret ending... or as anyone who actually got to see it would call it, a complete RIP-OFF!

In the ending of the game, the characters teased an ancient precursor door that could only be opened with a hundred power cells. There was this whole aura of mystery surrounding it, and you really wanted to find out what lay on the other side.

Well, too bad, because Naughty Dog decided to turn the secret of the ancient door into a bad tease for their next game. Once all the power cells were in place, the door would open, a bright flash of light would shine and... nothing.

Want to find out what all of that was about? See you in Jak and Daxter 2! And no, none of that collecting you did mattered in the sequel either.


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