9 Secret Ways To Defeat Final Bosses In ONE HIT

All hail Zanmato.

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For the most part, video game bosses are intended to push the player, to check their skill and, more often than not take at least a few hits to kill, right?

But players love nothing more than figuring out how to cut through the middle and cheese their way past a boss - all the more so if it's a tricky one. And that's especially true when it's the last hurdle in the game - the very final boss.

While each of these bosses was intended to serve as the climactic roadblock to completion, players eventually discovered ways to sew it all up with just a single hit.

Some of the strategies basically require players to exploit in-game mechanics and "cheat" their way to victory, while others appear to be fail-safes built into the game to ensure that everyone playing can actually reach the ending no matter what. How generous.

And so, why waste all that time getting stomped by these final bosses again and again when you can just... bust out a single move and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ending?...

9. Use The Boomerang On DethI - The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

final fantasy x jecht

In the original release of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you can save yourself a boatload of hassle against the Nightmare's final boss form DethI by just... lobbing your boomerang at it.

For a brief window of time, DethI's eye will open, and if you chuck your boomerang straight at it, you'll kill the boss' final form in a single hit, ending the game.

Anti-climactic though it might be, it certainly beats taking DethI down the hard way and firing more than a dozen arrows into its eye before claiming your victory.

But because Nintendo are no fun - or perhaps they realised this cheese method was just too well-known nowadays - they frustratingly removed it from 2019's remake for Nintendo Switch.

Anyone who strolled into that final battle confident they could wrap it up with one hit was left with a rather nasty surprise when DethI didn't go down for the count quite so easily.


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