WWE 2K24: EVERY Major Change 2K Just Announced

Brand new match types, Showcase details, Universe Mode and more WWE 2K24 changes!

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes
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2K haven't been messing about since roaring back to form with WWE 2K22. Last year's 2K23 expanded on that successful apology to put-upon wrestling gamers, but 2K24 promises to blow it out of the water by adding even more features to the line up. If you liked the last game, then this one will be a must-buy come release on 8 March (5 March if you go for one of the special editions).

Teasers were put out for 22 January ahead of time. That date has come, and 2K announced...a lot. This wasn't some cover star reveal and nothing else. Oh no - despite naming Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley as on-the-box faces for various versions of 2K24, 2K also went hard on other news.

The developers clued everyone in on new match types (some of which haven't been seen for a long time in WWE games), changes to Universe Mode, what people can expect from the souped-up Showcase, and more. There are even changes to the core gameplay that will please those who like some multiplayer mayhem with friends.

Here's everything 2K just announced for WWE 2K24. Even referees are getting some love this time around!

8. Multiplayer Backstage Brawls

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes
2K Games

Pictured above is a mod for WWE 2K23 that enables multiplayer matches in a "backstage arena". There's a workaround for it via Community Creations, and tutorials on YouTube should you have the urge. If you don't, then never fear - 2K24 is about to come through for you in a big, big way.

Four-player support for Backstage Brawls is about to be added. What's more, 2K has been busy adding new environmental elements to the backstage areas too. Get ready for (amongst other things), "a working elevator, breakable control room glass, and a vending machine with throwable sodas".

THROWABLE SODAS. What an unexpected feature that is.

OK, so cracking a can of Gatorade off someone's head isn't why anyone will purchase the game, but the lure of multiplayer mayhem may do the trick for some. Imagine hopping online to brawl around the place with your mates, or having some on-the-couch co-op laughs if you're a crusty oldie like the dude writing this piece.

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