10 Worst Gaming Failures Of All Time

9. Dreamcast

love the Dreamcast; I still take it out of the attic periodically to play some Shenmue and Chu Chu Rocket, and it’s a console that, released in 1998, continues to be considered largely ahead of its time. Boasting stunning graphics and being the first console to feature online play, it certainly had a lot going for itself, yet a mere 3 years later, it was dead in the water, with new models being discontinued.

By all accounts the Dreamcast should have been a massive success, but the subsequent release of the PlayStation soon enough wiped the DC off the map, and some bizarre production practices – such as allowing Shenmue to be made on such an astronomic budget that every console owner would have had to buy it twice just to make a profit – meant that it was just another Sega console doomed to obscurity.

It’s a genuine shame, as it remains one of the best consoles out there, with a superb library of RPGs especially, and a small number of games continue to be released for it each year.