During my time at Eurogamer I learned a few things. First being that some stereotypes are true and hardcore gamers don’t shower nearly enough, the new Tomb Raider game looks abysmal, all online FPS multiplayers are the same and absolutely no game is worth queuing 2 hours for.

Despite this knowledge one thing remained importantly stuck in my mind; you should not ignore Dishonored, in fact you should give a lot of your time and, even more importantly, your cash for what could easily be the best game of the year with its innovative take on a plague ridden London-esque city under despotic rule.

This games Skyrim slapping open world, energetic gameplay and increasingly mind boggling potential is quickly putting it in league with not just the contenders of this Christmas period, but of the year, and possibly the decade.

1. The Story

You know the score by now, but if you don’t, allow me to inform you: Dishonored follows the journey of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard falsely framed for murdering the Empress of Dunwall and is originally sentenced to death before being granted with the super natural powers needed to reap vengeance by a mysterious figure: this begins him on a journey of vengeance and covert rebellion against a city thrown into disarray and tyranny following the murder of one of their leaders. Interested yet?

If you’re not interested you’re quite possibly dead inside and should seek mental evaluation or stop reading the Daily Mail.

If you’re excited: firstly congratulations for being alive inside, and Secondly, too right you should be. This game is almost impossibly ambitious, combining a city in peril and a world that is evolving (the population responds to your behaviour as does the story missions) with a lone mans quest to clear his name is a mouth watering prospect that brings with it endless possibilities.

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This article was first posted on September 30, 2012