FIFA 18 Ratings: Every Player Score Revealed So Far

It's in the game.

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EA Sports

In just a matter of a couple of short weeks, the world of football gaming will once more turn on their consoles en masse to dive into the latest addition to the behemoth FIFA franchise.

Once more, we're being promised improved gameplay, improved likenesses and new features designed to improve the overall game experience, and EA Sports' latest will no doubt make silly money again. More importantly though, in the meantime, we get to see how the folks at the developer rate the biggest and best players around the world.

Some fans will only be concerned about the top two, and whether it's a Messi or a Ronaldo year, but as ever EA Sports are making a big deal of announcing the top 100 players, with groups of ratings announced in the run-up to release. And that gives us a fairly broad picture of where we can expect other players to be on the ratings ladder this year.

Inevitably, there will be mistakes and outrage as players are underrated or over-powered, but that's part and parcel of the beautiful game these days.

Here's the official ratings that have been revealed so far...

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