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Will The Power Rangers Movie Be A Comedy?

The mighty movie's morphin into shape.

3 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

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Elizabeth Banks: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Talent you can take to the Banks.

20 Nov 2015 Padraig Cotter

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Pitch Perfect 2 Full Trailer - Watch It Here

They're back pitches.

10 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly

film The Weinstein Company

12 Things That Were Really To Blame For Hollywood's Biggest F*ck Ups

What do Alone In The Dark and The Producers have in common?

7 Sep 2014 Tom Baker

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8 Reasons Why The Lego Movie Will Be Awesome

Because your childhood memories count on it being absolutely amazing, right?

23 Jan 2014 Matthew Wells

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Review

The cast gives it their all, but this tepid dramedy lacks fervour and originality.

26 May 2012 Shaun Munro

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6 Reasons Why The Hunger Games Has Made $500 Million

Here are six reasons why audiences are hungry for the Hunger Games and why Hollywood should be listening.

16 Apr 2012 Fred Salmon

film the hunger games

The Hunger Games Review: Derivative & Overlong But Delivers The Goods

The Hunger Games has just enough bite for teens likely to find Battle Royale a little too unwieldy and the uninitiated members of the target audience will likely get a kick out of it too.

20 Mar 2012 Shaun Munro

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Man On A Ledge Review: Forgettable If Not Dreadful Heist Film

It plays out with the unfussed proceduralism of a network TV pilot, and despite some solid supporting work, Man on a Ledge is a forgettable, if competently-made heist thriller.

25 Jan 2012 Shaun Munro

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THE HUNGER GAMES Trailer: 5 Things We've Learned & 1 We Didn't

Now that the euphoric fervor has had time to abate, let's look at what we now know about the movie, and something that we should still be wary of.

15 Nov 2011 Stephen Clifton

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Watch THE HUNGER GAMES Trailer - Surprisingly Dark & Violent

Jennifer Lawrence leads the Hollywood version of Battle Royale that is obviously far more life or death than next year's London 2012 Olympics...

14 Nov 2011 Matt Holmes

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OUR IDIOT BROTHER Review: Heartfelt And Funny

Like a great shining beacon of hope in the Mean-Spirited Comedy Summer of 2011, Our Idiot Brother boasts a heartfelt message delivered through Paul Rudd’s unfiltered, socially retarded but almost preternaturally good-hearted Ned.

23 Aug 2011 Mark Zhuravsky

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Elizabeth Banks & Avenue Q's Jason Moore Throw A PITCH PERFECT!

Based on the non-fiction book by Mickey Rapkin centering on the rivalry between stateside universities' capella groups.

2 Jul 2011 Matt Holmes

Elizabeth Banks In Talks For THE HUNGER GAMES

Would play Effie Trunket in the adaptation of Suzanne Collins' best-selling novel.

19 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes