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Sandman: 10 Fantasy Actors For The Role Of Dream

With JGL now attached to the long-gestating film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's most famous work, we look at who could potentially take the difficult leading role.…
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10 Actors We Still Can't Believe Are Oscar Nominees

The fat kid from Superbad has... two Oscar nominations? A glitch in The Matrix, surely?
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12 Incredible 2013 Performances That Definitely Won't Win An Oscar

Not everyone can win. Some won't even get nominated, no matter how good.
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Oscars 2014: 10 Underdogs Who Might Get Surprise Nominations

Sorting out the unlikely from the improbably before the names are drawn tomorrow.
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10 Actors Who Look Exactly Like The Characters They Played

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: 10 Hunks Who Could Replace Charlie Hunnam

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10 Most Consistently Boring Actors In Hollywood

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10 Most Punchable Faces In Hollywood

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This Is The End Review

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The Human Experience: Existential Beauty, Internal Darkness

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