The Beatles

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10 Criminally Underrated Beatles Tracks

A few hidden gems from the Fab Four every fan - new or otherwise - really needs to check out.

11 Jul 2014 Scott Skinner

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10 Phenomenal Bands Derailed By Runaway Egos

The heartbreakers who broke each other's hearts...and lineups.

26 Jun 2014 Kyle Schmidlin

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10 Things That Should Appear On The New £1 Coin

The Royal Mint is producing a new £1 coin, and we've got some cracking suggestions as to what should adorn it.

31 Mar 2014 Oliver McQuitty

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20 Exquisitely-Produced Songs That MUST Be Played Loud As Hell

In the words of the immortal David Bowie: "TO BE PLAYED AT MAXIMUM VOLUME."

9 Mar 2014 Craig Manning

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10 Famous People You May Have Forgotten Were Oscar Winners

Malcolm Tucker has an Oscar? Are you f*cking kidding me?

5 Mar 2014 Ken Guidry


10 Incredibly Successful Tracks Their Creators Actually Hate

Would you side with your greatest musical heroes against what you thought were their most beloved creations?

2 Mar 2014 Craig Manning

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10 Incredible Overlooked Songs By Famous Artists

Sometimes even genius work is unappreciated.

27 Feb 2014 Alan Howell

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Top 10 Anti-Valentine's Day Love Songs

Some songs are best steered clear of, when dedicating them to your significant other this Valentine's Day.

13 Feb 2014 Wayne Madden

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10 Popular Song Lyrics That Make No Sense

Many of the world's most respected musical talents have released songs containing nonsensical and incomprehensible lyrics.

26 Jan 2014 Catherine Northington

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10 Famous Songs With Creepy Undertones You Totally Missed

Gently take a seat and mentally prepare yourselves as we destroy the pleasant memories attached to some of your favourite songs by exposing their undertones of creepiness.

13 Jan 2014 Samuel Ayling

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The Beatles: Their Top 40 Tracks

Join us as we rank the fab four's 40 best tracks ever.

24 Dec 2013 Andrew Simon Noel

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5 Greatest The Beatles Albums

6 Oct 2012 Daniel Williams

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Best Films Never Made #1: The Beatles' Lord of the Rings

What if The Beatles had made The Lord of the Rings? It actually came closer to happening than you think...

12 Sep 2012 David Brake

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Top 20 Christmas Number Ones Of All Time

Just in time for Christmas, WhatCulture run down the twenty best songs to have ever the prestigious Christmas Number One spot in the UK.

21 Dec 2011 Simon Gallagher