X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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13 Awesome Opening Scenes In Otherwise Terrible Movies

Oh how X-Men Origins: Wolverine looked so promising...
By Jack Pooley
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8 Reasons Why X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is Underrated

Sure, they're needles in a haystack of mediocrity, but they're there.
By Dan Woburn

11 Wildly Inaccurate Movie Science Tropes

Never let the facts ruin a good story.
By Stevie Shephard
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The Blob Returns For X-Men: Apocalypse

Yet another familiar mutant joins the sequel's ranks.
By Daniel Kelly
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10 Awesome Comic Book Movie Moments When Characters Received Power-Ups

Even our greatest heroes need a little push sometimes...
By Samuel Clements
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X-Men: 7 Best & 7 Worst Casting Decisions In The Franchise So Far

For every Hugh Jackman, there's a Halle Berry.
By Simon Gallagher
X Men Wolverine

X-Men Movies: Ranked From Worst To Best

By Simon Gallagher
Xavier Dead

12 Things Fox Want You To Forget Before X-Men: Days Of Future Past

By Simon Gallagher

7 Incidents That Prove The X-Men Franchise Is Cursed

Somebody up there really, really hates these movies.
By WhatCulture
Liev Schreiber Wolverine

Liev Schreiber: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

The cinematic highs and lows of Liev Schreiber.
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Venom Topher Grace

11 Most Horribly Disappointing Movie Supervillain Reveals

By Jack Pooley
Wolverine Origin

Wolverine: Origin 2 #3 Review

By Noel Thorne

8 Recent Movies That Grossly Over-Estimated What Their CGI Could Do

Film technology has improved in leaps and bounds, but the suspension of disbelief remains…
By Alex Leadbeater
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Win: Wolverine DVD And Merchandise Bundle

By Simon Gallagher

9 Superhero Movies That (Unfortunately) Didn't Get Made

By James Garcia
Uncharted 2

10 Awesome Video Games That Succeeded Against The Odds

By Jon Negroni
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10 Great Moments From Not So Great Movies

By Scott Campbell
Spider Man Sandman Punch

10 Memorable Punch Scenes In Comic Book Movies

By K.J. Stewart
Darth Vader Blast

10 Great Examples Of No-Selling Attacks In Movies

By K.J. Stewart
Chris Evans

10 Actors Who Played Both Marvel And DC Characters Before Ben Affleck

By Jack Gann
Green Lantern

10 Movies That Stunned Comic-Con (But Regular Audiences Hated)

By Shaun Munro
Superman 3

6 Comic Book Films ONLY Fanboys Can Hate

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10 Casting Decisions Fanboys Rallied Against (And Were Right About)

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10 Watered Down Comic Book Movie Moments That Robbed Us Of Awesomeness

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5 Best Marvel Video Games

By Darragh O'Connor

4 Ways X-Men Film Franchise Showed How To Do A Prequel (And 4 Ways They Messed It Up)

By Nicola Ritchie
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The Wolverine: 10 Ways It Shreds X-Men Origins To Pieces

By Shaun Munro
Spider-Man 3

10 WTF Superhero Movie Moments You Won't Believe They Got Away With

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5 Movie Characters Who Were Shot In The Head And Survived

By Sam Forrester
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The Wolverine: 10 Things We Want To See

By Tristan Heron