10 Amazing Comic Books You're Probably Ignoring

EVERYONE needs to be reading Justice League Dark.

DC Comics

Reading comics can be an expensive hobby, especially if you're reading them as they come out every week. And reading week to week can make it difficult figuring out which series are truly great, and which are just okay. Thats why a lot of comic book readers wait for the trades, so they can save a little bit of money and hear what other readers think of the story before spending their money.

But even thats not a perfect system. Not every great story gets collected as a trade, and with DC and Marvel printing more books than any one person could read between just them, the decision of which series to follow and which to skip means you're bound to miss out on some great stories every now and again.

And that’s a shame, because there are some phenomenal books being published right now that deserve more attention.

So whether you're got a little extra change in your pocket, just dropped a series that didn't turn out how you hoped, or are just looking for something new and engaging to read, here are the amazing comic books that you're (probably) ignoring.


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