10 Awesome Antiheroes From British Comics Creators

Antiheroes can often create a more engaging, flawed protagonist. Here are ten of Britain's best.

Judge Dredd 2000AD

It is no secret that the comics industry has always been a predominantly American institution. DC, Marvel, Image Comics, IDW and Dark Horse are all American companies producing comics. While the British industry has created many classic strips for children with companies like DC Thompson, it was mainly in America that classic comics, especially superhero comics, were made.

In the 1980s, this changed with what has been dubbed 'the British Invasion', with writers like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison becoming big names not only in British comics but worldwide. A large part of the reason these writers became so big was not only because of their stories, but the heroes they ended up creating.

Many of these heroes have become world-famous and been massively influential in the world of comics. Part of this was due to their flawed nature. British writers tended to react to the American superhero culture by making their characters antiheroes with complex motives and actions. This allowed them to comment on real-world issues in a more impactful way by addressing those issues in the world of comics.

From cult favourites to classic works, here are some of the best antiheroes ever created by British writers…


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