10 Most Awesome Characters To Have Worn A Power Ring

Regardless of colour, their light burns the brightest.

These days, it€™s not too hard to find someone wearing a Lantern ring in the DC Universe. While originally the Green Lanterns were the only ring wielders across the 3600 sectors, the colours began to increase, and now you've got different colored rings roaming everywhere. Each ring utilises a different emotion (or in the case of the black and white rings, utilise death and life respectively), which means that each individual who is given a ring is chosen for their ability to channel said emotion. The rings are capable of many things, from flight to language translation to creating hard light constructs. Whichever ring you're wearing, you're guaranteed great power. With all these different Lanterns around, it€™s hard to keep track of everyone. Luckily, we€™ve compiled this list of the most notable ring wielders in DC Comics. From heroes to villains, the strong to the cunning, the living to the dead (yeah, there€™s a dead guy on this list), these are the Lanterns we love seeing on the comic book pages. Whether they wore multiple rings or just proved how great they were with only one ring, these characters exemplify what it takes to be a memorable Lantern. So charge up your power battery and take a look at the ten most awesome characters to have worn a power ring.

Honorary Mention: Blackest Night Deputies

In Blackest Night, the black power rings reanimated dead DC heroes and villains across the universe. Lead by William Hand and corrupted Guardian Scar, these living corpses sought to exterminate all life in the universe. The rings were even able to convert those who died but came back to life into Black Lanterns. This was one of the rougher DC crossovers. The heroes eventually discovered that a Black Lantern could be destroyed by combining the light from a green ring with another colour from the emotional spectrum. However, with most of the Lanterns off-planet, Earth was in serious danger of being overrun. To help even the odds, Ganthet duplicated seven of the coloured rings on Earth and temporarily deputised heroes and villains to that respective Corps. Ganthet granted himself a green ring, Mera red, Lex Luthor orange, Scarecrow yellow, Barry Allen blue, Ray Palmer indigo and Wonder Woman became a Star Sapphire. Aside from having to deal with Luthor going crazy from the orange ring amplifying his greed, these new Lanterns were helpful in fighting the Black Lanterns and repelling Nekron€™s invasion. Once the threat was over, these deputies were stripped of their rings, which was probably for the best in Luthor and Scarecrow's cases. These characters were Lanterns for only a brief time, but it was awesome seeing them bust out the multi-coloured lights during this zombie apocalypse.

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