10 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Batman's 75th Anniversary

The Year of the Bat.

In March 1939, writer Bill Finger and 22-year-old artist Bob Kane debuted "the Bat-Man" in the pages of Detective Comics #27. The character was immediately popular, and as the Bat-mythos began to grow he gained an origin story, a rogues gallery, lasting allies and some of the most memorable stories in comic book history. Today, Batman is arguably more popular than ever. Comics, television shows, animated and live-action films, radio, video games - you name it, and the Dark Knight's got it. The 75th Anniversary of the character is here, and DC is rolling out a whole host of media and merchandise in celebration. July 23, 2014 has been declared Batman Day, on which DC will partner with thousands of comic retailers and bookstores for special releases that include a free Batman comic. San Diego Comic-Con, also in July, will feature hundreds of special exhibits and panels on the history of the Caped Crusader. DC is also unveiling news and giveaways at www.Batman75.com. Whether you're a longtime fan or are just hearing about Batman for the first time (where have you been?), here are 10 ways you can celebrate the Year of the Bat...
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