10 Batman Plot-Holes Everyone Just Accepts

The results of 80+ years of history and even more writers.

DC Comics

Plot-holes are a given in every type of storytelling - writers aren't perfect, they can overlook details. In the case of comic books though, they are far more prevalent, with the collaborative nature of the medium, decades-long convoluted histories of characters, and numerous books releasing concurrently making it a nightmare to keep the continuity consistent.

Batman suffers from these problems. He's been around for over eighty years, and usually has at least three books in which he is a leading character releasing every month - and that doesn't even include the books focused on the many members of the bat-family, Justice League, or his elseworlds titles. Add in the seemingly never-ending series of reboots that DC love doing and then one can begin to fully comprehend the mess of continuity that the Caped Crusader is at the centre of.

At this point, most simply accept that there will be inconsistencies among the Dark Knight's various tales and just enjoy good stories when they happen. Well, good for them, but today we're going to delve into some of the Batman's holes (of the plot variety, obviously).

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