10 Beloved Comic Book Characters Movie Fans Hate

Green Lantern did not make the jump from page to screen as expected...

DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Adapting a popular character from comic book to film is never an easy task. From choosing the right actor to play the role, getting the setting right for their introduction into either their own story or an ensemble's, and then having to constantly worry about whether or not fans are going to find fault with anything that has been done to their beloved characters

Whilst we are more than familiar with the successful adaptations of some of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, it is easy to forget some of the films which didn't go to plan at all, and whether it be down to miscasting or misconceiving any adaptation of a popular character, it has left fans and filmgoers wishing that it had never happened at all in far too many cases.

Some filmgoers may not necessarily even have to be avid fans of the character or the original material they are watching to still end up hating them, a testament to how bad some film adaptations of comic book characters can actually end up being, so with that said, here are 10 Beloved Comic Book Characters Movie Fans Hate.

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