10 Beloved DC Comics Due For A Comeback

Comic books are famous for their resurrections, right?

DC Comics

DC Comics has been going for over eighty years at this point, telling the stories of countless men wearing underwear outside, flying through space, and punching evil right in the pants.

There've been so many different comics, featuring different heroes and villains, and a lot of them died before their time, or with unfulfilled potential.

DC's line of comics can tend to feel a little samey each year, with several Bat-books and titles revolving Superman ensuring both characters retain a massive premise. It's time that they shook things up.

Heroes come back all the time. Comics need shake ups all of the time, changes to the status quo, and a new injection of imagination in the universe. So the next time DC is looking to shake things up maybe it should check out this list - unless of course all of these are already in the works as it is. That's our bet.

From futuristic legions to Elseworlds tales, here are the old comics DC should bring back...

10. Elseworlds

DC Comics

The DCEU started off by attempting to follow the MCU and failing. It wanted to have this huge, connected universe with all of its heroes battling alongside each other. But that failed, almost instantly.

What developed after was a series of disparate movies that are, in at least the case of the Joker film, another continuity altogether. Which isn't that weird of a thing for DC as one of their most interesting and infamous series was the Elseworlds.

See, DC created a whole line of comics branded Elseworlds - each told a story in a different, disparate alternate world. Some told of a Superman who fought for the USSR, another about a Batman hunting Jack the Ripper. About the Joker going straight and the Yellow Lantern of Fear, Batman. (A lot of them were about Batman.) But this series was an amazing, defining set of stories that have heavily influenced where the DCEU - and all DC adaptations - are going in the future.

On top of that, come on, how could you turn down a book where Batman becomes a vampire?


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