10 Best Batsuits In DC History

Sometimes, Batman has to step up his game and break out some of his wonderful toys.

DC Comics

Batman, unlike many other well-known DC heroes, isn't a super-powered demi-god. He is just a man - albeit a man who is at the peak of physical, psychological, and mental conditioning, and who also has a huge bank account to fund his costumed adventures.

Modern versions of Batman show him almost always being able to hold his own with anyone else, through the use of his body, wits, utility belt, and pre-laid plans.

ALMOST always.

But not always. Sometimes, even the Bat needs a power-up. With the aforementioned bank account, he has been able to do so many times, often by buffing up his iconic costumes with external armour.

While he's no Tony Stark (at least in terms of his armour collection), Batman indeed has a closet full of some fascinating suits that have let him duke it out with some of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. This is a look at ten of the best.

It's worth noting that, while various toy lines have created some amazing Batman outfits, that let him do everything from deep-sea dive to go into space, none of them will be included in this list.

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