10 Best Batsuits In DC History

10. Haz-Bat Armour - Justice League

DC Comics

As mentioned a few times, Bruce Wayne has plans for everything. This armour is very much a special purpose outfit, but that makes it no less useful (or cool.)

The Haz-Bat suit (so named by Robin, that witty scamp) is a play on words for a traditional Hazmat suit. Batman's armour, however, does a bit more than the simple yellow suits that are most commonly thought of for hazardous materials.

The suit is designed to protect Bruce from virtually any virus, toxin, or hazardous waste on the planet. Other built-ins make it something close to walking biology lab - it can do medical scans, take tissue samples from patients, use thermal imaging for both medical diagnoses and finding threats, and assist with creating antidotes and counter-agents.

On top of all that, it is still light and mobile enough to allow Bruce what he has to do as Batman, yet is strong enough to take a punch from Superman.

Plus, the modified Bat logo, intertwined with the international bio-hazard symbol, looks cool as hell.

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