10 Best Black Widow Outfits Of All Time

This spy continues to changes sides like she changes outfits, and we love it.

Marvel Comics

Costumes are an essential part of being a superhero. The outfits of the greatest heroes in Marvel and DC have become just as iconic as the often mortal heroes who wear them. But for the assassin turned hero Black Widow, her outfits not only look good and function well in combat, but they also come with their own emotional backstories too.

From KGB to SHIELD to the Avengers, the world's deadliest agent has changed her outfits almost as many times as she has changed organizations.


10. The Original

Marvel Comics

When we are first introduced to the character of Natasha Romanov, aka the Black Widow, she was deep into her career as a Russian antagonist to Iron Man during his early comic run. But then the soon to be hero ended up returning for a few issues in the '60s first as a rival, even hiring a circus performer proficient with arrows to help her with her assigned missions.

Before she donned the costume that would become synonymous of her, Natasha dressed herself in a stylish green dress with a black widow embroidered on the stomach area. She also dressed herself in two white gloves and matching gold bracelets, a golden choker, a brown fur collar she wrapped around her arms, and her head is adorned with a green fascinator, an old fashioned headpiece popular in the '60s.

For some reason, her first outfit did not even come close to matching what we see in the comic's cover, yet this fancy dress worked well in ensuring that the Black Widow was never underestimated by the men who only could see her stunning looks hidden behind a veil of lies.

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