10 Best Black Widow Outfits Of All Time

9. The Classic

white widow
Marvel Comics

After many adventures serving under every organization from the KGB to the Avengers and Nick Fury's Shield organization, Natasha was beginning to feel the strain of her past continuing to haunt her present. She had done so much wrong for her country, even getting her husband the Red Guardian killed.

So one day, after seeing Spider-Man swing by her on his way home from a long day of being a hero, Natasha decided to become a new woman and ditched her old Madame Natasha persona and costume in favor of something more modern for the '70s.

She slipped on a skintight black zip-up suit and clipped on a chain belt, along with two wrist gauntlets that shot a grappling rope similar to the wallcrawler's own designs. While she never did get the radioactive spider powers she desired, this new Black Widow outfit has remained the staple of her designs since Natasha decided to shed her old skin and become a new woman, even an Avenger.

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