10 Best Comic Books Of 2017 (So Far)

You gotta know that Mister Miracle is up here.

Mister Miracle Rebirth
DC Comics

Phwoar, it's been a mighty good year for comics, hasn't it?

It might not have felt that way, between the untimely cancellations, relaunches and, worst of all, Secret Empires that have occurred and all. But there have been some truly fantastic releases this year, including both newly released ongoings and old ones. DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and the Independent publishers out there have all stepped up their A-game, and now - in terms of critical success at least - the industry is in a fantastic place. Creators are knocking things out of the park left, right, and centre.

The fact that we're just halfway through the year too illustrates just how good things are at the moment. And, while we may lament some of the more frustrating practices of the industry, it's important to recognise the quality of work that the writers, artists, inkers, and editors of the medium are currently producing. Particularly when, well, we get titles like Mister Miracle (which is amazing, by the way).

Personal tastes dictate that the bulk of titles found here are superhero based (sorry, indie fans), but it's genuinely hard to recall a year where the genre has been so great. DC's Rebirth initiative has seemingly galvanised the publisher's creative base after the rigid period following the New 52, and Marvel, while currently engaged in that whole Legacy thing, have produced some really great books this year too, even if they did, y'know, cancel most of them.

But what stories have really managed to impress this year? A whole lot, actually; 2017's been pretty great.

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