10 Best Comic Books Of 2020

9. Teen Titans: Beast Boy

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DC Comics

Gabriel Picolo's rise to comics stardom has been brilliant to see unfold over the last couple of years. A fan artist who's now mixing it in the big leagues with all the other massive artists at DC and Marvel, Picolo developed a huge following primarily from drawing characters from Teen Titans - a property that has a huge cult following thanks in part to the cartoon of the same name that aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s.

Picolo's drawings, which captured the Titans in casual settings in their downtime as opposed to big confrontations with supervillains, drew widespread attention and eventually led to him collaborating with Kami Garcia in Teen Titans: Raven, a book published as a part of DC's Ink imprint in 2019. The duo returned with another Titans book in 2020, this time focusing on Beast Boy.

Garcia and Picolo's approach to Raven proved to be a real winner the previous year, and the pair have worked their magic yet again with Beast Boy. Garcia captures Garfield Logan's voice perfectly, while Picolo's art is as tremendous as ever.

It's a wonderful series, and one Teen Titans fans shouldn't ignore. The next entry in the series, Beast Boy Loves Raven, releases in early 2021.

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