10 Best Comic Books Of The Decade

The most stunning stories from 2010-2019.

The 2010s have been an incredible and sometimes confusing period for comics. There've been revamps, relaunches and reboots aplenty, but for all the implied chaos those sorts of changes are said to bring, the decade will ultimately go down as one of the strongest the medium's ever seen.

During a period in which comics have cemented themselves as pop culture's hottest commodity, and where the industry itself has struggled and strived to mirror the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, writers, artists, letterers and editors have been busy at work fashioning some of the most compelling literature the likes of Marvel and DC have ever seen. Outside of that binary, publishers like Image, Dark Horse and IDW have also been busy softening the Big Two's grip on the direct market, pioneering new IPs and - in one or two instances - finally closing the door on some of their most beloved creations.

And yes, while reiterating how daunting the task of ranking the last nine years' greatest comics isn't going to invoke any sympathy (...eek), when you consider just how many incredible comics have been published since 2010... it's worth pointing out.

So here it is! WhatCulture Comics' list of the greatest comics of the decade. Let's get cracking.

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Content Producer/Presenter

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