10 Best Comic First Issues This Week (Dec 19th, 2018)

1. Champions Annual #1

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Marvel Comics

When Snowguard, Amka Aliyak, returns home, her family treats her well but there's changes since she left. The young no longer speak their native language, though they do understand it, and a boy that's had a crush on her for a while is cold due to seeing her as a token minority palling around with white folks, not even Canadian white folk like Alpha Flight.

The bulk of the action is made up of fighting a lost giant, who just wanted to play because there are no more giants to play with him. The main villains, though, are the Taqriaqsuit, or Shadow People, who are stealing the memories of the locals in hopes to protect the Inuk people and keep them from fading. Snowguard does manage to find a peaceful way out of the situation, albeit after another action scene.

Jim Zub does a fantastic job at keeping a high energy feel to a book that ultimately comes down to alienation and the fading of a culture. It is the quintessential example of how to keep a superhero book feeling like a superhero book while also pushing an underlying message. The art by Marcus To is vibrant and sharp, keeping the energy flowing from action to dialogue and back.

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