10 Best Comic Runs Of All Time

The definitive ranking of the medium's greatest hits.

Marvel Comics/Gil Kane

Ranging from a man that could leap tall buildings in a single bound, to radioactive spider bites, or even to the Lord of Dreams, comic books have been providing serialised storytelling for over eighty years.

Throughout that time, writers and artists have been moulding modern day myths through a medium that used to be considered disposable pulp fiction. As the years have passed, the entire comic book genre has slowly been transformed into a respected and unique form of storytelling.

These timeless, seminal storylines come from creators who were able to redefine the medium through bold and innovative means. These kind of stories do not simply rest on the laurels of what came before or recycle overused tropes - they leave a discernible impact, constructing a whole new standard of imagination in the process.

These massive, overarching comics stories offer something that cannot be found in any other medium. They rely on a small number of creatives that spend entire years crafting a story (or stories), and - more often than not - that effort pushes those words, panels and pictures into the pantheon of legendary tales.

Here are the best of the best.


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