10 Best Female Characters In The Batman Universe

They might not all be in the Birds of Prey, but these leading ladies are the best in DC's roster.

DC Comics

The Batman universe is one of the most interesting in all of comic book lore. Not only is Batman himself an iconic character, but the likes of Alfred, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, Joker, Riddler, Two Face and many more besides have become household names.

He has one of the strongest rogues gallery around, yet it never feels cheap when he gets the better of them. As well as some of the best men in comics though, Batman’s universe is host to a number of interesting women too. Some join the rogues gallery, others fight by his side, and some occasionally flip between those two stances.

It’s specifically Gotham based women under the spotlight here, as it could be argued any woman in the DC canon is technically in Batman’s universe. Wonder Woman and Black Canary have both met Batman, for example, but they aren’t exactly characters of his world.

Thankfully, Gotham has more than enough women to provide entires on their own. Ahead of Birds Of Prey’s release, it’s worth taking a gander at some of the most interesting ones, so here are the ten best to call Gotham their home...

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