10 Best Hand To Hand Fights In Comics

9. One Punch!

Civil War Captain America Iron Man
DC Comics

In truth, this is barely a fight at all, taking place over a total of three pages and only one of the combatants gets in a single punch. But it is the single most effective, memorable, and hilarious punch in comic book history.

Green Lantern Guy Gardner had been a pain in the neck from the minute he walked into the room, belittling everyone and screaming to everyone that he should be in charge because he is the toughest man there.

Finally getting the guts to confront Batman directly in Justice League #5, Gardner demands to be put in charge of the titular team. The Caped Crusader says that he’d sooner turn over command to the naïve Captain Marvel, who is rightly offended. Bats also tells Guy that if he doesn’t stop acting like a rabid dog, he’ll be treated like one. The Emerald Knight throws his ring to Blue Beetle to make it a “fair fight” and lunges at the Dark Knight.

From there, Bruce lays the arrogant Lantern out with a single punch.

Guy Gardner lies unconscious on the floor as the Martian Manhunter and Black Canary enter the room. When told that Batman knocked Gardner out with a single punch and she missed seeing it, Canary is almost inconsolable.


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