10 Best Hand To Hand Fights In Comics

8. Daredevil Vs. Kingpin

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Marvel Comics

In Daredevil #50, the final issue of the Hardcore storyline, Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin of New York Crime, is trying to bully his way back into a place of leadership. Unfortunately for Fisk, Daredevil breaks up the meeting by driving a car through the window.

As Wilson gloats about how he attempted to ruin Matt Murdock’s life, Matt tells him that he is not playing mind games with him anymore. Instead, he is there to beat the cartoon expletives out of him!

This enrages Kingpin and we are treated to panel after panel, by a variety of artists in this special issue, of the pair violently beating on each other. The fight is mostly dialogue-free, but readers see Hornhead’s inner monologue on how the villain will never stop coming unless he puts a stop to it.

Hit after bloody and violent hit continues as Daredevil breaks his own fingers from hitting the Kingpin’s body. Finally, after many devastating blows to the head, Fisk is finally down. Matt puts him on the hood of the car and drives it through the wall of Josie’s Bar.

As the bloodied villain rolls onto the floor, Murdock tells the assembled criminals that if he could do this to Wilson Fisk, imagine what he could do to them. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen declares himself the new Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen and tells anyone who couldn’t stay on the right side of the law to leave.


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