10 Best Inventions Tony Stark Ever Made

Turns out Iron Man could destroy the world.

Marvel Comics

Tony Stark; genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Oddly, however, most people are only aware of one invention that Iron Man has made within the comic universe, and that is his iconic suit of armour - as most of the inventions Tony is responsible for in the Marvel Cinematic Universe either don't exist or aren't his creations in the comic realm.

It's a real shame that Tony's other inventions aren't as well known, as one of the most fascinating things about the character is seeing all the weird and wonderful things he's made a comic reality. While the majority are various flavours of supersuit, there's also a surprising amount of inventions that are totally out there, as over the years Tony has tried to build creations dealing with everything from medicine to roller derbies.

Though they often threaten lives as often as they save them, Iron Man's continual conveyor belt of weird and wonderful creations is always a delight to see on any comic's pages - aside from that one that could theoretically destroy countless planets. That one's maybe a little less delightful, and a little more intimidating.


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