10 Best Inventions Tony Stark Ever Made

9. Iron Sight - Superior Iron Man

Odin Iron Man Armour
Marvel Comics

One of Iron Man's impressive if immoral inventions, the 'Iron Sight' robots are essentially very fancy surveillance drones, which the villainous Iron Man creates in order to try and police San Francisco.

While this doesn't initially sound impressive, it's because the scale of this operation hasn't been mentioned. Due to Stark using citizen's phones to gain information about them, the drones are able to recognise every inhabitant of the city, as well as know pretty much everything about them based on their records, their social media, and even their search history.

Given it's heavily implied that Stark made this in between a series of Spring Break-level drinking parties, it's pretty impressive that they got built in the first place, let alone with the level of nuance they possess.


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