10 Best Rogues Galleries In The DC Universe

It's not all Batman, y'know.

Legion of Doom
DC Comics

DC Entertainment has been at the peak of the mountain for years when it comes to their characters. Before Marvel Comics came along with their best heroes and villains, major names like Superman and Batman absolutely killing it for years.

With their appearances came the introduction of their respective Rogues Galleries that continued to build for decades to come. Soon other heroes and their villains came along and the rest, as they say, is history.

It is now widely assumed that DC has the most fleshed out, easy to use villainous characters between both major comic book brands. This is hard to argue with when those villains can bounce around and still be impactful, regardless of which hero or team they face off with.

Regardless of how you feel about some of the comics, it's quite obvious that some of the greatest villains in world entertainment come from DC, which means their Rogues Galleries are something of a massive deal.

The question is, which hero has the best gallery of villains in the DC Universe?

10. Green Arrow

Legion of Doom
DC Comics

Most know of Green Arrow due to his show on The CW, yet he has been a huge part of comics since 1941. He has dealt with a great class of villains for years now, one of which is Malcolm Merlyn, an assassin who found a way to use magic to accomplish missions.

Arrow has also battled the League of Assassins on top of this and a slew of their top assassins, as well as others. Deathstroke specifically gave Arrow the fight of his life, nearly killing Oliver several times.

Green Arrow has also fought a drug pushing assassin like China White as well as a skilled martial artist and assassin in Bronze Tiger. Others used their intellect to battle Arrow, like Onomatopeia and the Clock King, the latter of which has fought against Batman too.

Count Vertigo is another impressive villain of his, who uses his Vertigo Effect to mess with the mind and cause dizziness as well as sickness in his victims. At one point, the character becomes a real Count and uses diplomatic immunity to escape justice.

One of his newer villains is Komodo. A man who wanted to kill and destroy Oliver Queen for insane personal reasons, not realizing he was the Green Arrow.


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