10 Best Super Villains (With No Super Powers)

Great heroes would be nothing without great villains.

DC Comics

Some of the most popular characters around are villains. They’re not confined by difficult, abstract concepts like justice, morality or right and wrong, and so are free to have much wilder narratives. Whether they’re showy, deranged, brutal or all of the above, villains are very rarely boring.

And every good hero needs a good villain - a strong nemesis for them to come up against, or a challenge to test them to their limits.

Not only are these villains evil and powerful foes for the heroes of Marvel, DC and beyond, they’re able to provide that match up without any super powers of their own. Some of them face off against heroes without powers too (like Batman), while others can go toe to toe with the super powered good guys and still come out the other side.

Some of them augment their powers via technology, costumes or technological costumes, while others get along just fine on their own. Either way, they provide challenging match ups, interesting stories and sinister moments in their comic books. We might want the heroes to win in the end, but it would be nowhere near as fun without these great antagonists.


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